A Trip to Barhama Kumaris

A trip to Brhama Kumaris

The weekend at Brhama Kumaris was a mind changing and a peaceful experience, I felt I had forgotten all my worries, if fact I felt as if there were no worries. Waking up at 4am in the morning and meditating for 45 minutes was a day changing experience. This gave a natural boost in the day, and a natural boost to my soul as well. After the early morning meditation I got a sleep of approximately 1 hour to 75 minutes, after which I took a bath and reached for the lectures. The lectures spoke about many concepts of God, and self-respect. I believe self-respect is in fact one of the main themes of BK, but that seriously does not mean that one has to produce ego inside him. Self-respect is a much deeper concept than just respect one-self. They say that we are all children of the God, and the He takes care of us, which I cannot ignore, and feel that it is true to some extent, but, doubt dwells in my mind and in my heart, which I cannot get rid of. Besides the concept of self-respect they also talk about the 5 roots of evil, which they identify as Ego, Anger, Lust, Jealousy and Greed/Attachment. I believe that I do not have anger, or may be greed/attachment, or ego, but, I am in a viscous jar of lust, and it is quite difficult for me to get out of that jar. I am drippinng of lust to say in a simple language.

One interesting point that I caught twice when I was at BK was to make at least one person happy in a day. This really pierced my heart. But, my room mate who has been in the BK for several years now, produced a counter argument for this. He said, we do not say make someone happy, but what we try to say is that do not give sorrow to others. Interesting.

As my trip at the BK center come to end, I come to towards my normal life, same old, same old, rush rush, rush rush. The people again start to piss me off, but I feel different, I feel some energy inside me which makes me tolerate some people. That is what is happening right now inside me.

Addict's Dream


The mind of a drug addict is filled with strange colorful happy thoughts. It is free from the bonds of society, the bonds that a normal man is tied to.Purple shades with amid shades of death; and blue sorrows flowing from a direction, but shades of happiness prevents it from one side. Bright orange shades follow each other creating a rainbow like fringes. A shadow of desire appears at a very far distance. Suddenly the pleasure increases, as if the shadow of desire was a woman.The mind becomes happy, thinking of the happiness and pleasure that the life gives to them. Ignorant of the evils in the masked, happy and blood thirsty evil souls. The desire is fulfilled in his mind. Thoughts begin to converge; the deep green eyes absorb everything in itself. Everything it can. ALL SHADES EVOLVE WITH EACH OTHER TO CURE THE SADNESS AND PAIN.

Numb as ever the brain becomes just ignorant of the pain.
The mixture of pleasure and pain gives you a certain sense of gain.
This gain and pleasure can never be contained as tame.
Wild thoughts run through the mane of the horse which is running in the rain.

The addict experiences the tragic fate of life. Fed up of life, insanity takes over him. The fortress of ‘past ghosts’ seems empty as all of them are coming to back to life in his mind. The clock ticks, wind blows, the cat cries which sound like winds of sorrow. His mind walking in a dark deserted alley, where there is no existence of human form. The alley has been walked by evil forces, which the nature dare not touch. The mind in the dark alley is alone suddenly everywhere he sees beautiful green grass, spreading fad and wide. Seven crosses of sorrows standing quietly. The mind boggles and tries to drift away but again it feels as if it is stuck in a web of DARK KNOWLEDGE, which refuses to let it go. The crosses are intact of winds and the sounds of storm. Its just storm my friend no rain. A lady standing far away at a distance, the mind hallucinates. The atmosphere begins to blur and evolve winds howls strongly as ever. Images blur around.

His mind screams out LOUD.
The cruel wicked wind blows,
To blow the series of sand
The sands of time fall short
In the upper chambers of our lives
The emptiness is a killer
The hollowness is a torture

Finally he wakes up and realizes he had been dreaming, and the dream had been terrible. He feels sick in his mind, body and soul. Bathed in sweat, he feels a thirst for satisfaction, a strange satisfaction, a really deathly one…. He gets up decides to smoke up a joint…